Privy Boudoir

Our Boudoir experience is tailored to the Client who enjoys a Luxury experience. What we do encompasses tools and energy to improve self-esteem, insecurities, self-perception and gaining confidence. Boudoir is for everyone! Everyone who appreciates highlighting themselves. Boudoir is for moms. Moms who run between work, home, games, school, kids, more games, more work, and never have any me time. Women who work their asses off to improve themselves, support themselves and others . Women who work from home and never have a second to spare. Women who have grown children or grandchildren, who mentally are still thinking they are in their 30’s, but the body is saying something different. Women who have no curves, who at times feel like they don’t meet the expectations of the world. Women who have too many curves, who at time feel like they don’t meet the worlds view. Women who are wanting to transform themselves and are unsure how to get started. Women who started transforming themselves. I am quite certain that I did not include everyone, however that was not my intention. Because Boudoir is for all women.

My Mission

The Experience

Your Boudoir experience will be amazing! Will you be nervous? Yes. Will you doubt yourself a million times from when you book to your day? Yes. Will you be unsure what to wear? Yes. Will you feel uncomfortable about it at first? Yes. Within like 5 minutes will you start to relax? Yes. Will you have an unbelievably great time and have outstanding results? Yes.

Will you relax? Absolutely! Will you gain confidence with stepping outside of your comfort zone? Absolutely! Will you feel comfortable as you are posing for your beautiful images? Oh my gosh yes! Will you tell everyone about your experience? Definitely! At least all of your friends. Will you choose to feel Strong, Smart & Beautiful? Yes! Yes! Yes!

The Days Before

You will talk with me through email and Facebook messenger about any questions and getting booked. Once you are booked, I send you our Dream Shoot Planner. This is an electronic book that is 28 pages of answers to all of your questions, websites to shop, and absolutely everything about your shoot. I will also send you a Super Fun Questionnaire that you will fill out and your answers assist us in tailoring your experience to you!

Once that is done, I send a contract and quote. The contract is a standard portrait contract and the quote defines your session fee. After that you are just planning your trip to see me and my lovely Hair & Makeup Artist! We are a great team, if I do say so myself 😉

The Day Of

The day of your shoot you will start with Jamie, our Professional Hair & Makeup Artist. This will be held at a salon within minutes from my Studio. Jamie will help bring out your gorgeous features in a way that is tailored to your style (which you tell us on your Super Fun Questionnaire). After you are all relaxed with Jamie, then you drive over to the Studio.

I suggest that you bring a bag or suitcase of items and I can help you decide what are your three favorite choices. You will come on up to my studio and there we will meet, we will set your things down, I will give you the grand tour of the Studio and then we will start discussing your shoot.

I will spend an hour getting you comfortable and shooting your amazing self! After we are done, you will gather your goodies and then take about an hour break. There are tons of cool things to do around my Studio! So have no fear! Once I am done semi-editing your beautiful images, I will message you and then you come back to the Studio. Once you arrive, we will sit down and look at all of your images. You will be amazed! This is the time set aside to choose which ones are favorite and then place your order. I work with a Professional Photo Lab, so all of your images are private and never are seen by any one else unless you sign a release to do so. Even then I have the release so specific that you choose what others see. So no worrying!

Initially, before the shoot, many clients are opposed to sharing their images. This is because of their self perception and image. We will change that! These same clients view their images, which are gorgeous, and decide to definitely share! They share because they want other women who have the same thoughts about themselves, to do it and experience this amazing Photoshoot to see themselves in a different way.

The Days After

You are no longer having thoughts of poor self image. You see your beauty and feel your perception changing. You will tell your friends about, especially when your order comes back and you are floored by the finished images!

Your order will arrive approximately 2-3 weeks, barring any Holidays, etc. As soon as they are here, I package them and then contact you for pick up.

I love what I do! I have heard that it shows in my business.

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