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small flowers


I have always been one to advise others to live in today, not tomorrow, for tomorrow comes all too soon, and one day you will wake up and the future is well into the past.

Not today.  Not for me.  I am counting down.  Down to the final weeks of my Master’s program.  I have been in this program for three years.  It is amazing really.  I have learned so much and really grew as a person and administrator.

So, I am in my final four weeks of my last semester.  This class is my Capstone project.

I am counting down.  I am proud of myself and what I have accomplished.  I wish, I wish, I wish that my parents were still around to see me graduate.  They aren’t, so they won’t.  But I will not cry.  For I am sure they will be cheering me on from Heaven.

So, not to push the future too much, but I cannot wait!  All I can vision is balloons falling, confetti flying, and music filling the air, party on party people lets hear some noise!

I know I haven’t posted words in a quite a while, but I just had to shout out.