The Boudoir experience with Privy Boudoir is worth every penny! We work hard at making women feel amazing and getting something that they can keep and look back on. Your experience starts when you click “Contact Us.” You will receive information to answer questions and prepare you for session! We start talking and becoming friends as soon as you contact us.

Now, let’s talk about that day. Your day. Your experience starts with Professional Hair and Makeup. We spend about two hours on this portion alone. We do not stop until you love your look! After hair and makeup we will look through everything you brought, though we have probably already discussed what you are bringing, take a tour of the studio, discuss how the session will go, discuss body and facial posing. Then we start the shoot!

Your shoot is tailored to you. Our experience includes 3 stages of dress, or undress. The degree is up to you. Most clients love it! It pushes them out of their comfort zone a little bit at a time. Very nice.

Stages of Dress

  • Dress for the party! This could be the outfit that you feel the most confident in, a ball gown, a cocktail dress, a sequin gown, business attire, etc. It’s all up to you!
  • Your under-things! This is fun too! This could be a sexy little lingerie piece that you have or plan to pick up.
  • Undressed! This stage varies from slipping the strap off the shoulder, letting the the gown slip down your back, undressed and wrapped in sheets, or simply naked.

Most everyone is a bit nervous before the shoot. That is totally normal. What we do is keep things real and you are relaxing in no time at all. We will guide you through the entire experience. You do not have to worry because we take care of almost everything. You will be moving around during your shoot so make sure you get some rest.

Once the shoot is complete you will take a small break. This time is used for us to lightly edit your images. Now, we do not do full edits that day, but we get them pretty close. We have refined the art of lighting, posing, process and editing to be able to provide you with amazing images to view before your day is complete. During the viewing we sit together and go through your gallery. You pick out your favorites and then you place your order. You are the center of attention for about 4-5 hours! Oh yeah! Our Queen!

I will have your online gallery, prints, albums, canvases and usb within 3-6 weeks. Not soon enough? We can expedite them for an extra charge. If you have a coupon code from my Brand Ambassadors, who you can message anytime to get information and get the code on our Private FaceBook Group, you get 10% off if you pay in full on the day of your session. That is a substantial discount.

There is always more too! I usually send a small token of appreciation and a gift with the digital images. Oh and there is more…. if you refer someone who has a session, you get $100 credit towards your next session! No limit on referrals! Just saying. Do you think we have given all that we can? Nope! If you are active on the Private FaceBook Group you could win one of our giveaways too! We give away Designer Purses, Brand shirts, cups, prints and even a whole photoshoot! All members have to do is participate. What? Yes. You heard correct. It is amazing. We promise that you will love it.

We should have your mouth watering by now! You will get a full day away, all eyes only on you, and you are the focus of our attention. When you walk out after your session your head is held high and you feel amazing! Confidence rebooted. Ready to start? Contact Us!

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