Hey There Folks!

Thanks for visiting my site!  My name is Susan and I have this site to share images that I have taken and worked, or used in the raw.

I absolutely love a challenge and have found that my artistic side adores petting its photography ruffles.  I am just getting started and learning more every day.  I am very excited to see how my art plays out in my future photography.

I dabble in music, drawing, painting and crafts.  More of the earlier and less of the latter.  I enjoy pounding the drums and punching out the bass.  LOVE IT!  Get my drift?  Some may call me flighty and others who work with me, may call me Type A and OCD.  I am a little on both sides.  When I am engulfed in my art, I am very whimsical.  But sometimes I work images into the sharpest, tightest image I can, just so I can feel the rough edges of my designs.  I find art, music and photography a key that unlocks my spirit.

I want your comments on my site!  I take all criticism to heart and really try to learn from all comments.  I will still do what I want, but there have been many times that I have read comments and it gave me new ideas!  I love it and you.

Thanks for following me and leaving comments!  

Ciao! Arrivederci! But it is not really goodbye, is it?  I hope not!


May every day be filled with love, giving, wellness and peace.


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