Were you aware that it is International Creativity Month? This month is set aside for students to become creative. Probably because they have been out of school for Christmas break and need a reboot! You know… we become L-A-Z-Y when we are not doing things. (wink). So much for normalcy. This past year has not been a “Normal” year for us. My question is: what are we going to do with International Creativity Month if things are not normal?

We are going to get creative in Photography.

Tee and Tube Socks

Boudoir photography to be exact. Boudoir is an empowering experience that catapults a woman’s self-esteem, self-worth and confidence. I am going to push (it real good) it to the maximum for fun, innovation and creativity! How about Movement! What about spinning! Jumping? How about changing up our three outfit rule and make it three shades of dress? Are you ready to experience Privy?

Hmm… Three Shades of Dress could be VERY Cool! And Bold! And Fun!

Hell! Make it a Boudoir Party!

All we need is YOU! So grab your phone, click the link, and let’s get three shades of dress in Boudoir Party designed for YOU!

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