She looks in the mirror and sees only remnants of what she once was. Not sad, mostly happy, just not what she was. She looks at herself and thinks, “What is different? Am I the same person?” She can hear the kids laughing and playing in the other room. All is still well for the moment. She touches her collar bone and lets her finger barely float down the center of her chest and just outlines her breast. They are not the same plump, firm breasts of her youth, and she can see the stretch marks around the edges. She hears the children giggling again. Then she remembers why those stretch marks mars her breasts. How the milk made her swollen and engorged, yet brought nutrients and immunity to her children. She rearranges her robe across her chest and ties the waist. She looks at herself again and knows what her body has done, what it represents and is proud of everything it has done for her family.

This is a typical day of reflection for most moms and this okay. We all need time for reflection. To reevaluate our past, present and future. We should be proud of what our bodies can do to create life. Be proud of the tolls our bodies take over time. Be proud of making it and even exceeding our own expectations.

Taking care of our mind, body and soul is our way of repairing ourselves so that we can continue on our path. One way to reprieve is to take half of a day for yourself. To enjoy being a woman, celebrate everything your body has done, and even restore your vitality for life, pursuit and adventure! We can help through Boudoir Photography. We provide just this experience. 2 hours of hair and makeup, 1 hour photoshoot, same day viewing of images, treated like a queen, get amazing images, and even improved self-esteem and confidence.

A woman who has confidence, if nothing else, is a woman who can achieve anything!






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