Why Luxury Boudoir?

Okay ladies. This comes down to what you value. Some people value a super nice car and live in an apartment. Some place value on the number of things to own over the quality of things. I value Glamping, so I spend all of my money to our RV and travel. However, when it comes to paper towels, I use the select your own size version, tear off the smallest and then tear that in half; one for me and for my hubby. See. Everyone is different and everyone values different things.

I used to value Luxury sports cars. I loved them. The problem; they are freaking expensive to fix and I really put myself at risk because I love to drive fast with the right conditions that is….. like a smooth machine underneath of you and that smell of the leather as I am gripping the steering wheel (SCREECH!). Okay.. I digress. This is not about automobiles, though as you can see, I value it. Gets me excited! However I value my RV and the memories that come with it and being able to travel. 🤷

The Value You Give Yourself is the Value That The World

Stedman Graham

Let’s get back to Boudoir. If you are looking for a deal or searching boudoir photographers sites to find the lowest pricing, then you are not placing too much value on the Boudoir Experience. If you have the right photographer, your experience should be happy and fun! You should feel like a princess and never feel ashamed. Your photographer will be up front with you and there is no funny business. If you want half naked pictures by an amateur just take a selfie or call a friend. This will keep your hard earned money in your pocket. Now, if you are looking for an experience that takes in consideration YOU and runs their entire business on empowering women, then that is me. Oh yeah… me… I am the photographer/owner of Privy Boudoir. I am the one that runs this Luxury Experience.

What is luxury to you? I have no idea what the idea of luxury is to you exactly, however I can tell you that luxury should be to me:

  • All Inclusive
  • Abundance and Variety
  • Based on Client Satisfaction
  • More Expensive
  • Great program/service based on the wants of the Clients
  • Cater to the Client & knows what the Client wants before the Client arrives

Okay, let’s break it down.

Luxury should be all inclusive. This is not fast food service. There is no value menu. If there was a value menu, I would probably keep looking.

Abundance and variety is important because we do not want to have the same thing as everyone else. When you are looking for a luxury experience, you are not looking for a conveyor belt service. Walk in, Walk out, everyone looks the same.

Based on Client satisfaction because satisfied Clients is what drives my business. Hence, if my Clients are not satisfied, I will not have bookings and who wants that?!

More Expensive is luxury. Okay. I am not saying that you cannot get Luxury on a dime, but you really can’t. It costs money or overhead to have an amazing business that provides something for your client besides images, pictures or an album. The experience is self-empowering. It pushes women out of their comfort zones and gives them a chance to see themselves differently. This empowerment leads to better days, better relationships or getting out of bad ones, expands the mind to achieve more, and so much more. So yes, Luxury=Expense.

Great Service based on the WANTS of the Client. Okay so this is not need based experience. You do not NEED this like you would need food, shelter and clothing. However, you could NEED it to experience love. I have met many women doing this genre of photography and so many see themselves as inadequate, ugly and really not worth a dime at sometime during their life. Having a Boudoir shoot gave them the ability to experience something that empowered them to change their life. See, confident people do things. Those who lack confidence tend to not try, to not believe or have faith in themself or their abilities. This experience helps women gain confidence! CONFIDENT WOMEN ARE BEAUTIFUL AND WANT THINGS!

Luxury service should cater to the Client. They should provide a full experience. Should be prepared and anticipate client needs before they ask. Should give fantastic education and guidance on the service. Knows what the client wants before they arrive. If you are spending money, you better be walking into a place that is giving you what they promised. The service needs to understand the Client and the experience to fully know what they will expect. Trust me when I say I have done hundreds of Boudoir Photoshoots and I know what my Clients want. I know what my Clients need. I understand the needs of my Clients and how to execute my service with style and fun.

My company’s mission is to empower women one shoot at a time to improve self-confidence which helps them improve their lives. When I tell my Clients they look amazing, gorgeous, beautiful like one hundred times in a few hours and they look at the backside of my camera and see what I see, they know they are spending their money right. They see the value in this service. My Clients love the experience so much they refer their friends and acquaintances, they show off their pictures, they talk about it and are proud of what they have learned about themselves.

As humans, most of us are messy, with messy kids, messy husbands or significant others, messy jobs and messy lives. That is okay. We may keep everything tidy and keep everything going in our households, but underneath we are all struggling. The struggles that come from school, work, paying bills, getting kids off to college, paying for college, helping others, seeing your parents age and need your help now, and so much more. It is these struggles that make us who we are and it is perfectly normal. However, giving of yourself 24/7/365 will take a toll on you year after year. You may start to fade until you look in the mirror and you have know idea who is looking back at you. You do not remember what fun for you is anymore.

This is where I come in! I help you see and ignite that light inside of you. Because it is in there. When you leave my studio, you will walk taller, feel proud, know that you just conquered something out of your zone, and feel Confident. That’s right…. CONFIDENT.

So, make an appointment and let’s get your fire back! 💃

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