Why do we read fiction? I can make this blog post super short and just say it like it is. Because we don’t always love every second of our reality and sometimes taking a mind trip to another place is just what our minds need to unload. Since I am a mouthy chick I am also going to share with you my thoughts on why we read fiction. I know… I know… so exciting.

I read fiction because it takes me away from where I am and suddenly I am living in another place, time, and as a different person. Maybe I am a person who is timid or powerful. Maybe I have the ability to fly or breathe underwater. Maybe I am gorgeous without using makeup and am rich with no worries. Maybe I am more sinister like a bank robber or murderess. In books we can do anything and be anything that our life does not allow.

Do you know what benefits you can get from reading, even smut? You keep developing your vocabulary. You learn new words and meanings and become accustomed and use them in your daily settings. Reading is powerful. Women who read succeed. Reading keeps your mind sharp. Does it matter what you read? Well I am sure that someone will say it does. I would just be glad if everyone keeps reading. If our children read and read and then read some more, I would very happy. Reading to your brain is like exercise is to your muscles. Helps promote circulation.

Women need to keep pushing forward in the business world and to do so takes confidence. Reading and learning increases confidence and confident women do things! I promise! Listening to others, collaborating, researching and reading are the top things to give you the edge to succeed. The opposite is also true. If we do not listen and shut our ears, shut out the world and other’s views, we will not succeed. If we undermine instead of working together, we will not only ruin those we are undermining, but also soil ourselves in the dirtiness. If we read, educate and learn all that we can, we become strong… we become smart… and we become confident. Confidence makes us beautiful. It brings out the inner you.

This is why we truly read! So, if you read daily, you will become stronger, smarter and more confident. Confident women do more. Sometimes we need a boost of confidence to help us along. Psst… I am not going to blow smoke up your ass and say that if you read it will all be fairy tales. It absolutely will be difficult. That is where we come in. I help women through my photography become empowered and more confident in themselves. I cannot do it all for you, however my team and I will provide a well deserved break and pampering and then a photoshoot that will blow your mind!

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