Letting go and standing strong after a relationship break is difficult. This goes for any relationship personal, friend, love, work, all of them! They can take their toll on us. We are going along, thinking everything is A-OK, and then BAM! You have been doing what with who for how long?! I mean seriously. Things like this make you doubt everything. EVERYTHING! You begin to contemplate your love (I swear he/she loved me the same), your mind (how could I have been so blind), your beauty (why would he/she be attracted to someone else?), your soul (what is it about me that made him/her leave me?), your physical proportions (if my thighs weren’t as big), your hobbies (if I did more things with him/her and less with my friends…), your hair (if I had longer hair, curlier hair…), and I could go on and on here, got it.

None of this made this happen. You did not make this happen (unless of course you cheated and didn’t love the muggle anyway). But seriously, this is not your fault. Things like this happen for one reason… because things just weren’t meant to be. Now you thought I was probably going to say something like “because he/she is a fool, or an ass, or something like that.” However, we all know that it is never that easy. Many times we are blinded by what we want so bad, that mentally we make it happen in our minds and “Therefore it so!” Well, it is not. Everything happens for a reason.

I like to tell myself that everything happens for a reason because that is our story. Most stories have love, joy, pain, tragedy and so on. Even Disney movies, right Kristi!? If we do not have ups and downs then we will never grow as people. We will never learn right from wrong and happiness from disdain, and so much more. These lessons or twists in our stories make us who we are. Trust me when I tell you that you will be okay. You have to start loving yourself and fully embrace all of you before you can love another.

Sometimes when we get knocked down we feel desperate, sad, lost, forgotten, hopeless, helpless, fat, skinny, ugly, keep naming them because the list can go on and on. However, one day someone or something will happen. Maybe it is blog post you read, and article, someone says something to you in conversation, or you just have an epiphany. It is then that you realize that this is not the End to your Story. It is a New Chapter. A New Beginning. A brand new story that you can pick any ending. However….. it has to start with you! In your mind. You have to tell yourself that you are worth it. That you are strong. That you are smart. That you are beautiful.

If this is you or has been you, please join our private group on FB @Strong+Smart+Beautiful. We have an amazing Ladies Only group where we share inspiring stories or low ones and we help each other by building everyone up. I help empower women through this group and through my Boudoir Photography. The women that are clients have similar stories of twists and turns in their book, but when they come out of their session, they feel like they are worth it! They feel confident! They feel things that they have not felt in a long time. Part of this is seeing themselves in a different light, out of their comfort zone and proving to them that they can do anything, they are strong, smart and confident. They walk out with their heads held high and confidence emanating. Check out my Gallery @bellissamoimage. There is an application right there on the website if you are interested in a photoshoot of your own.

Love yourself Ladies!


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