A sharp twist or curve in something that is otherwise straight.

Kink is often referred to as consensual kinky sex. Some may know it is BDSM.

I was talking with someone the other day as we were discussing a Boudoir shoot and what to wear. Always the hot topic! So one of the questions I asked was, “well if you are in to kink, you can bring some fun stuff for your shoot.” After I said it I was like……………………………… and she was like……………………………….. So after a few long seconds I said, “aaaand if you are not you can bring anything you like as props to make it tailored to you.”

It really wasn’t a difficult conversation, however after the call I thought about the term kink. What it really means to people and thought I should do some research. You see, I call things however I describe them. For example, the electrical box in the garage with all of the switchy things. Ahhh. Now you probably know exactly what I mean. However, not everyone does. Most people refer to it as a fuse box. Sooooo…. sometimes I just words and not everyone knows what I mean. Got it?

Okay. So, upon looking kink up in Psychology Today, 2019, I found that the youth’s and young adults refer to BDSM as “Kink!” There are many views on this psychologically. Those who are not aware of it may view it as sexual abuse or craziness. Those who do partake in some of these activities see it as a way to become more intimate with their partner.

It was very interesting reading about the psychology of it all. I know that many us read and watch the Fifty Shade Series and were mesmerized by it all. Some people identify with Kink as an orientation, as part of their identity. For me in that conversation, I was referring to kinky sex, maybe cuffs or ribbons, very strappy lingerie or a whip, like a crop.

There are many fun and playful things that one can do in a photoshoot. It is always up to the client and what they like. I will always figure it out for them! So, if you are into it or not, I will make sure you have an amazing photoshoot!

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