Here are a few pointers for staying at home during social distancing and not going crazy. Self-isolation, social distancing and quarantining is stressful. Those who are not at home do not realize the stress and depression that can ensue. Many of you are moms who work. You are used to your free time at work and then get to come home and love on the babies. 😍Many of you are moms who work at home. You are used to free time every day while the kids are at school then to get to see them after. Are you a mom who goes to school, volunteers, has a second or third job, and chairs different groups in their communities? Much of those things are shut down.

Normally we would be like, yay, a vacation, and that may be the way it started. This virus has morphed into something that none of us was prepared for, nothing we ever expected. Yet we have to deal with it. So we will. But how the heck to do you get through it when more than half of your identity is tied up in our socializing. Well, the distancing has now stopped that in one form. However… there are ways to keep your sanity, or some of it that is!

Here are some ideas!

  1. Make time for yourself. Wake up early, plan around naps (not yours… those are important), or after the kids are in bed. This “me” time is a must to keep yourself mentally well, so that you can still take care of your family. Use this time for meditation, exercise, put your feet up, read a chapter of your favorite book or devotional, or just have a snack that it is not shared.
  2. Go outside. Making time for outside activities! Whether it is walking out to take the trash, getting the mail, going to the park, or working in the yard, you will find that you will feel amazing just by getting outdoors.
  3. Limit your time watching the news and social media. It is great to stay connected, however if you are constantly bombarded with negative news you could spiral down a depression vortex. I seriously unplug from COVID when I get home… or try to.
  4. Be easy on kids and yourself. If you are stressed, think about the kids. They are experiencing something that we, as parents as kids, have never faced. They need to see strong parents and role models so they know how to cope. Seeing mom exercising, or working in the yard will help relay different ways to relax.
  5. Plan activities. We are normally on set schedules and usually have to juggle many items. Dealing with these stressors are what keeps us up and challenged, even adds meaning to life. Without that schedule we can feel useless and also feel like we are not contributing. That is absolutely wrong! Plan your days to help keep you on target and keep up your spirits!

I hope these help you! Take care and be you ladies!

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