The jury is in and the verdict…. Guilty! Okay, so this is not really about a court trial or evidence or even whether one is guilty or not. This is about that guilt women feel spending a little time on themselves. We are all guilty of it. Whether it is shutting your bathroom door while you go pee and your kids are banging on the door screaming mommy mommy! Or when you leave them with dad to go get a massage for an hour or so and maybe even get your nails done, then you come home to find the house in shambles and the kids a total mess, while you husband is looking at you like “I can’t believe you did this to me.”

See women and mothers have this selfless gene where your world revolves around your children and family. That is the way it is supposed to be. It is part of how children grow up whole and supported, while developing trust. I am not at all saying men do not have this, in fact I know that most men do. I have seen it. However today we are talking about women. That is my jam you know. So this selflessness tends to put us into taking on so many responsibilities that we are spread too thin and then our self is no longer visible. I know… I know… this is the life of a parent. Runnings kids to and fro, going to work, managing groceries, laundry, cleaning, homework, life skills, socializing, avoiding harm, while still trying to be a wife, friend, daughter, granddaughter, and everything else that you do.

Children grow and understand life by watching their parents or those who are present. They learn norms watching you. If you are giving yourself to no end and you show them how awesome it is, they will fall in your footsteps. If you show them time management and they can see how amazing it is to get things done in a limited amount of time, they will pick up those same habits. However, if they see you spreading yourself too thin to where the real you is no longer there and even depression and anxiety creeps in, who are you really helping? Are you helping the dozens of charities you belong to? Your kids who are seeing you tense and curt as you are trying to manage 543 things a day? Your significant other who you are spending less time with? You who you are spending no time on? You are really helping nobody. Then why are you doing it? Your desire to be the best and then guilt for not hitting the mark.

Guilt is a tricky B. Let go of the guilt. Set your goals, then priorities, then timelines for each. That way you can reasonably meet your goals. Most of all don’t forget to water your garden. Your garden is you and whatever makes you thrive. Most women want to feel good about themselves, whether it is by doing good, loving your people, or by appearance and even a mixture of all. Part of that is having time for the sun to love you and help you grow. When I say the sun, that could mean so many things; books, reading, coloring, exercise, cooking, walking, playing with pets, going to the salon, or even having a photoshoot. There are so many things that can help you grow. I will tell you that when I feel good about myself, I can do some amazing freaking things! My power is so much stronger! I can handle stress and find solutions to problems much easier. When I feel good about myself, I stand taller, my makeup is done, my hair is set, my clothes are on point, my smile is brilliant and exudes charm.

These are things I can help others accomplish when you choose a Photoshoot for your sun! We spend about five hours making you feel amazing! You get to see the results the same day and have fun images to look forward to! When you walk out of my studio you feel like you are a beautiful flower, or bird or whatever your animal is! It brings this confidence that exudes from your pores. I even have husbands tell me that the pictures were amazing, but the confidence that I brought back to their wives was something that they could not have imagined!

There is no greater joy.

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