Lingerie traditionally is designed to flatter our figure. It can be worn for day to day activities, to enhance, or to show. Beautiful undergarments can make for some amazing Boudoir Photography. Lingerie is made for small, large and all sizes in between. There are so many things to take into consideration. Your shape is one of the top considerations. Not every style of lingerie works with every body type. So let’s talk about your body type. 🙂

The Hourglass

If you are an hourglass, your shoulders align with your hips and your waist is narrow which accentuates the curve. The hourglass looks good in any style of lingerie. However you will turn up the heat with a teddy, corset or garter belt because each emphasize the narrow waist.

The Triangle

The triangle has hips that don’t stop! Think Jennifer Lopez! Your hips are wider than the chest and shoulders. You will look amazing in anything that draws attention to your hips! A teddy, thong, and brassiere would draw attention there. If you are looking to even out the top with the bottom, you will want to try a corset bustier or push up bra.

The Rectangle

This is your athletic type that is similar to the hourglass sans the narrow waist. To define the waist you want camisoles, corset and bustiers. Ruffles around the chest will flatter this figure.

The Inverted Triangle

This shape has broad shoulders and chest while the hips and waist are more narrow. The teddy will slim your upper body elegantly. You want to keep the brassieres simple and use fun ruffles on your panties to draw attention there to help balance. A kimono will help elongate also.

The Apple

These ladies have wide hips and bust. This curvy lady will look amazing in a baby doll dress, chemise, body suits and a matching set.

Now you know what your body type is, lets learn about types of lingerie.

The Corset has been in production since 2000 BC, however was used on the exterior of a dress, rather than the undergarment. This piece will give you a big bang for the buck since you can cinch it as tight as you want to create the figure you want. 🙂 It also has no undergarment so it can be worn with… or without… depending on the situation.

Bustier has cups for support and little to no boning in the bodice. There is no way you can cinch this piece. This piece does not require assistance to put on which is a definite bonus. Easy on and easy off.

Teddy is mean to stretch and move with you. It is a one piece outfit and can vary in structure.

Again, no cinching with this one. But you can crawl like a tiger.

Babydoll is a cute, short dress. At the top there are cute triangles of material to cover the breasts. Under the breasts down is beautiful, flowing fabric. These are usually pretty short so a matching panty is advised.

Now that you have your perfect lingerie for you body type, you are ready to book your Professional Boudoir PhotoShoot!

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