Mystery Theatre

Mystery Theatre

There are many styles of photography. I would say most of them I absolutely love! I veer towards the dramatic scenes. I want my viewer to see the image and be intrigued or passioned by the vision before them.

This image started here:

Mystery mask

As I start working the image, I know what I am planning but it may take different paths that I may or may not like. There are two focus points in this image; the eyes and the mask. That is where I start to draw the attention.

Once the eyes start to pop and draw my viewer in, I start working with exposure and tones.

My preference here was to bring down the gold tones because I knew I wanted to play on light and dark within the image.

You can see that I enhanced the colors on the model. The primary focus was the model and secondary focus is the mask. However, I feel that the black and white contrast gives the feel that there is mystery and more to this image. I brought the eye in the background out enough that once you think you are done with the image after viewing the obvious focus, then your eye moves the darker hand and that is when you see the eye.

Love it or leave it? It doesn’t matter. I conveyed exactly what I wanted to in this image.