Glamour For Everyone

Glamour For Everyone

beautiful girl with makeup

Glamour is for everyone! Everyone who wants it for a few hours. These are actually very fun to do!

Kaylie had her makeup done professionally by GlamBeauty by Liz, twice! She started with a neutral flawless, then we marched forward into this spectrum of color and glitter. Liz and I work together very well as seen here and from a previous Beauty Shoot.

Kaylie and her mom arrived with a bunch of outfits and hair done. After we all said how-do-you-do, Liz was busy applying Kaylie’s first look, let’s call it “The Natural.” Liz usually uses an eyelash application, but we chose not to hear. I love the natural, natural look!

Natural look brunette

Different backgrounds and outfit colors bring out different blends in her makeup. The way the light is shifted in the room changes the reflection on Kaylie’s face and in her eyes. We also have to get the hats, flowers and lights out, so that we spark some creativity!

natural look

After many different shots, we moved on to the bold, colorful Glamour look. This was pretty fun to watch as Liz started working. I really am in awe of how she makes these looks and does so effortlessly. The look on Kaylie’s face when she looked in the mirror was awesome! Again we decided no fake eyelashes as we didn’t want to draw attention from the artwork around the eyes.

girl with pink eyeshadow and hat

The thing about these shoots are not to make you look perfect or what other people think as perfect, it is about stepping out or into your comfort zone. Enjoying a few hours of makeup, photography and laughs!! Each session is tailored to the client after a consult. I will say that I have a fabulous time doing it! I love my clients and I think they are pretty satisfied too!

If you love these and would love to have an amazing experience like Kaylie, just click here and we can get you set up!