Integrity & Love

Integrity & Love

What sets people apart?

In reflection, I often ask myself this question? I see others who are cruel, devious and hateful, then see others who are quite the opposite. So what sets us apart?

Is it the financial worth?

The financial gain?

What they give back to the world?

The way they interact with others?

The way they act when others are not around?

The transparency?





Honesty, sincerity, honor and morality?

I am not sure if there is one answer or a correct answer. I think a business and/or person’s integrity and resilience is one of the key factors. We must respect others and believe in oneself to make a difference. Whether it is with God, family, clients or friends, one should always remember what we are here for and what our personal mission is. If everything we do aligns with the mission, then we are true to our self.

Why is self importance necessary? It is not narcissistic, nor is self serving to make sure that you, yourself, is respected and cared for. This is step one in our ability to help others. If one cannot love themselves and care for themself in the way that you would someone you love, then they cannot fully give themselves to anyone or anything.

Let love & faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart. Proverbs 3:3.

In everything we do, we should not feel jealousy, or hate for another. We should rejoice in what others have overcome. Never think that others have it easy because of where they are in life, but that they have had more obstacles to overcome to get there. Those who push people down or hold others back are negative and undermining. These are the people who do not understand the need to love yourself first. If one does not love themself, they cannot love each other.

So tell me…. what sets people apart?

Will you be the person who loves themself and opens wholeheartedly, helping to lift others up?

Have you witnessed people talking poorly about others?

Is this how we bind love & faithfulness around our neck?

Is this our goal?

Will you let this just happen around you? or will you be the voice that helps others? The one that reminds others to love themselves? Let them know what makes them special.

All it takes is one precious word to spread love.

Be precious…. Love others.