Beauty Shoot

Beauty Shoot

girl with blue hat

What is a beauty shoot?

A beauty shoot is a photography shoot where we take very close images of the client using special lighting. My client can choose to get their makeup applied by a professional, as was done here by Liz Knop with GlamBeauty. The client can decide if they want a couple different looks during their shoot. For this shoot we did a natural and something a little more aggressive.

Here you can see the natural look on the left and the bold, smoldering eyes on the right. Two totally different looks created some amazing shots!!

How intense is this process?

Well, this shoot took about one and half hours. The model arrived and we all talked for a bit and then Liz started applying the natural makeup. Once completed, the model changed into one of her outfits, then we began. This model was able to complete the whole session sitting. We did change out chairs once, but other than that, there was very little work.

Once the 1st images were taken, Liz worked on the next makeup look. The model brought a blue dress and with her eyes being so blue, we decided to add a slightly different hue of blue to the lids. The look was amazing! We worked with some jewelry, hats and poses to create an absolute cool gallery!

After the shoot I spoke with the model and asked how she liked the Beauty Shoot. She had many positive things to say. She said she knows a ton of girls who would love to do this! I know she was nervous at first, but after the first couple minutes of makeup we were all having fun.