What does it mean to be a model on my team? It means you are a special representation of every female out there. It means that you are special and promote girls being special. It is about finding your inner self and capturing it. I listen to what my team tells me. Then I try to take them out of their comfort zone a bit and see what they think. Most of my team was bashful and unsure to begin. I mean who wouldn’t be. But wow! These girls have nailed it!

beautiful girl black sweater and smile
pretty brown hair girl yellow sweater
brown hair white sweater
pretty girl with blonde hair and blue eyes and white hat
pretty girl with brown hair and light eyes
pretty girl with pink shirt
blue dress, blue eyes, blonde hair pretty girl
pretty girl with hat and jeans
pretty brunette with hat and gloves
pretty brunette with brown eyes and gloves
pretty red hair girl with smile and hat
pretty blonde with white hat
pretty girl with brown hair and tan sweater

I want girls to know they can be whatever they want. The path that is laid before us is one that we usually have to create. We forge the path that we end up on. This team is my first team and represents me creating a new path. One I am growing to love so very much! Just seeing and hearing these team members talk about their experience has filled my heart with joy.

We have many more sessions planned and so much fun ahead!