Adobe’s Photoshop: Applying Filters & Layers

I am not sure about you, but I am still learning Photoshop and it can be difficult to get, if you don’t take your time to learn it.  Then, if you are like me, you are doing 500 other things, so when you get back to it, you have to relearn everything again.  I am a commoner, so I figure that many of you may suffer from my issues also.

Here are a few steps when applying filters:

  • Opening your photo in Photoshop by either exporting from Lightroom, or you can open a file from Photoshop application.  This screenshot is using an open in PhotoshopCapture
  • Once you have chose your file/files, you can now begin working with them.Capture1
  • After you have it open, you can choose and apply a filter.  If you only want a portion of your photo, then use your selection tool the highlight the area that you want to apply the filter.
  • For this picture, I am going to use the whole photo.
  • Here I went to filter at the top and chose the blur/spin filter.Capture2
  • When your filter screen is open you can adjust your spin blur with the tools to the right.
  • Once you have it the way you want, you click OK at the top of the screen, then it is ready to save.
  • When using overlays, like bubbles, you open both items you want to work with.Capture31
  • Here I have a bubble overlay open on tab 2 and on tab one I have picture above.
  • On your overlay, you can click on select, at the top, then select all.  This will select your entire overlay.  If you only want a piece of the overlay, you will use your selection tool to grab what you want.
  • Once you have selected your overlay area, use your move tool, click hold and drag to the tab of the picture on tab 1.
  • Once you do that, the overlay will be on top of your other image.  This would be the time to resize your overlay.  You can do this, without distorting your image, by pressing control T.  This will allow you to resize your subject without messing with the layout of size of the image.
  • Once you are done, you need to use the Layer/3d/channels menu to the right.  Here you will want to choose “screen” from the drop down menu, then you can click on the opacity and/or fill to adjust the percentage of each.   Once you do that, this is what you get.Capture32
  • Now you can see the bubbles overlaying as a second layer, to the background.  At this point we could be complete and save our work.
  • Remember, when saving your work to share, you will need save your file a jpeg or another type that you can share.
  • You can even choose 1 bubble and then place it in the image, like below.Capture33

With Photoshop, you can do about anything you want.  I am learning more every day and I get excited, every time I mess around!!

I hope this helps you and you can use it to get interested in Adobe Photoshop.  I love their products!  Though I have not worked with anything other than Adobe.  It can be a little scary, at first, but give yourself some time to watch videos and read some how-to’s.  It was helpful for me.

Play with your software!  It can be rewarding! 



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