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Life: You Choose


It can be dangerous

Highs, so high you may not come down

Lows, so low that you may not come up.


It can be safe

Safe, in the comfort of your conformity

Safe, in the confines of the walls that are built.


It can be dark

So Dark, that you feel you can not breathe

So Dark, that not even your closest friend can find you.


It can be generous

Filling you with the food from the earth

Giving you opportunities to have others in your world.


It can be beautiful

Beauty that is deep, and warm, and affectionate

Beauty that is found in innocent actions.


It is perceived by many, lived by many, pissed away by many.


Is your choice.

Make it worth living.

You determine it.

It is you.

It is not for others to approve.

It is for you and you alone.

Live You


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