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Simple Mornings With a Bang

We had the most unbelievable sunrise today!  I happened on it by chance.  Thank God!  Because Dang!  Just look at it.  Doing homework this morning and I needed some java.  I walk in the kitchen and wash my hands, look up, out the window, and WoWser!  I had to run around to find my camera and ball and slippers and pants and robe.  LOL.  JK.  But it was a little like that.  My poor puppies were looking at me like I had lost it.


Once I gather all of my supplies, I walk out on the deck and almost gasp with delight.  You know what I mean?!  I look up, see the beauty, am taken aback, my hand goes to my neck, as I inhale quickly, in shock.  It was gorgeous.  Of course I had my ball in my pocket, because if you have one, you must use it.  I think I could stare at this picture all dang day.  Mmmm!!  <<< That is me getting excited, btw.  Imagine me running around telling the sky to work it… work it… Because you know that is how it played out. I felt like Emril …… BAM!


Take advantage of those moments that you were not expecting.


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