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This is a gorgeous walkway.  It was taken at the Biltmore, in North Carolina.  The day we were there was beautiful.  The sky was like cotton candy with a blue background.  If you squint you can see a light line of mountains past the trees.  The pasture past the hedgerow had horses that were grazing, though you can not see any here.  Then the foliage around this path was glittered in pink and burgundy.  Let’s not forget the light posts.  They were like the whipped cream.



The image below was also taken on the Biltmore Estate.  What attracted me to this spot was the sound.  That sound, with the smells and the surroundings……. Mmmm.  I knew there was something for my eyes to feast, if I could only find the source.  Then I found it.  This beautiful spillway.  Look at the stone work.  Then, the way the water has stained the stones.  The walkway that crosses it is also a sight.  Lastly, this beauty appears all wrapped up with the trees, like it is the hidden gem that it is.DSC_1026

Sight, sound & smell.  They each pull such strong emotions.


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