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Finding Reason In Tragedy

I really try to understand why things happen.  Maybe it’s my science mind, or maybe it is my religion.  Maybe it is the way I cope when life is throwing curve balls at everyone I know.  I am not sure why I do it, but I do.  I know that I am highly empathetic.  Maybe that is the reason…. So I can deal with what I am hearing and seeing, and still want to get up the next day and continue to be positive.  I am not sure.

So, the point of this, is that I am having a difficult time lately.  I have been witnessing tragedy all around me.  I am sure you see it too.  Maybe not with you, or your neighbor, but someone you know, or a Facebook friend, or in the news.  As I try to figure out why these things keep happening, I am pulling from all of the resources I know.  I just sat and read some scripture because I thought I would find it there.  I wasn’t ready for that yet.  All I want to do is help someone get through the same thing.  Someone that I know, or don’t know, someone who may read this.  But I am not sure what to say.  Not sure how to help.  Though I know there is scripture out there that could help, I just can’t get my hands on it yet.  But I will.

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Today we are dealing with accidental events and purposeful events.  Sometimes they melt together.  Sometimes naming them does not even matter.

I really have a difficult time trying to reconcile how people can hurt one another, to the point of death or injury.  The people I know, work hard every day to help others.  They put their needs last and put others needs first.  It does not matter to them what you look like…. or what your do…. who you love… nothing matters except helping you get better.  These people I speak of are the people I work with.  They care for the community.

So, do you understand when I say my mind does not reconcile this hatred, death and tragedy that has been a constant lately, compared to what I believe is in everyone’s heart?  Because I believe that every person is good.  At times like these, scripture or quotes help me to reconcile what I am seeing, to what I believe to be true.  But all I have right now is the thought, that we need to be strong… We need to pray… We need to love others as we want to be loved… Help others when they need help…. Put others ahead of ourselves.

As I read the headlines, the words blur,

Soon I cannot see the print, only hear the cries of those who have suffered,

loss and hardship,

tragedy and death.

Witnessing such things can make some succumb to darkness,

this emotion is where a wish starts, 

a want to make things better,

a desire to help those who are in need.

In my tears there is hope.

If one feels the pain of such tragedy, death, hardship or loss, 

then one can empathize…. One can make a change…

Because that one, understands that this is not the way it should be.

One can become many,

and many can become everyone.

One will pave the way to start loving others, then those will love,

Until there is only love.


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