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Perfection: Is It Your Perception, or Someone Else’s?

I ran across an article about the Barbie doll.  The article made a ton of good points about perfection.  All points were wrapped around the fact that Barbie is perfect.  Upon deeper thought, I wonder why it is that people perceive this doll as a perfect replication of a girl.  Why is that?  When I look at Barbie, I do not see that.  I see plastic.  I see no form, no muscle, and let’s not forget that….  she is a freaking doll.

I really feel that today more parents are raising their children with the thought of peace, love and equality.  I say that while I am biting my tongue a bit.  Not that I think this is 100%, but it seems that kids are more accepting of others.  Maybe they can see the beauty inside of others.  Not sure, but I have seen some pretty amazing interactions between kids.

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If I knew then, what I know now, I would have worked harder at teaching my kids about equality a little better.  I would have worked stronger at spreading that thought with everyone that I met.  I feel that maybe this whole time, we focused too hard on other’s perceptions of what beauty is.  When beauty has and will always be, what you perceive, what is really important, the mind, soul and emotion behind the human form.  Not what other people perceive is beauty.

How many of you have purchased a Barbie?  What affect did you think it would have on the child you purchased it for? Many of us were just purchasing a gift.  But what did I really buy, all of those years ago?  Did I purchase a trend that leaves girls feeling that they can never meet the expectations, of what the Barbie symbolizes?  Did I set my own child up for failure?  Did our purchase enable others, because it became the sought after toy?

If my purchase caused all of this, what can I do to reverse it?  Well, good question.  This is why I am writing about it.  If my word can reach one person, maybe we can improve the perception of little girls and boys everywhere, or at least in my town.

We can make a difference, when we open our eyes, our minds and souls.  


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