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Ice: Don’t Let It Weigh You Down

This shot is of a bucket of ice outside.  I love the capture of the bubbles frozen just so.  This image almost makes me feel like I am under water with bubbles in my face.


During my walk along the lake, I found this down cattail covered in ice.  Jesus, it is so beautiful.  I see more than just a cattail.  I see all of those individuals that are weighed down by their problems, or life.  I believe that every life change is time for a reformation, or rebirth.  Life can knock us down.  Luckily we have a social society, that does not always require face to face contact.  We can gather strength, hope and prayer from people next door or across the world.

iced tail.jpg

Now, this little beauty was one of my throw away pictures.  Funny how my first thought was to see the imperfections.  I am not sure why I grabbed it to play with, but I did, and I am so very glad.  Only the flower at the tip is focused.  I did a bleaching to the photo and I am really in love with this image.  It is mysterious, soft and a little scary.

snap flower

I will save the rest of my new images for another day.

Find light in dark places.  It is there.  It is.



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