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Lakes, Farms and Thank God I’m a Country Girl

I drove around today and oh boy was it cold.  I took some back roads, visited some farms and hit the county lake.  This photo is from the lake, with a few effects.  Amazing and beautiful today.


This image was from the overpass near the campground.  I worked this picture a bit also.  You know that is what it is all about.  I added some blur to the stream and a glow through the center of the trees.  I really like it!


This BARN!!!  I don’t understand my fixation with these things.  But dang!!!  I love them! The worse off they are, the more I see the years of use.  These barns tell a story and I can almost feel it in the way they rest on the screen.


Look for those things that just do it for you.  Once you find them, you see them everywhere!


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