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Coffee Is My Love

Nothing wakes me up like a nice roasted cup of strong coffee.  I used to be a foo foo coffee drinker, not that I am not now, but my taste buds have evolved.  Though I am not a “I’ll take my coffee black” kind of girl, I am slowly changing.  I am sure that most people who drink coffee understand that the coffee bean, which is not really a bean at all, is a fruit.  To get to the point of that loves “bean” it must be matured and processed.  I would love for some of my coffee community to comment on how processing occurs (wet or dry) and then what other factors make the flavor unique.

I searched for a first found date for coffee and had a difficult time locating information, except for wikipedia, which listed sometime prior to 1500 in Yemen (Wiki, 2017).  I may start really researching coffee and trying to get more involved.

I was first introduced to non-domestic coffee from my brother Steve.  Him and his wife, Millie, had this amazing coffee from Cafe Hacienda San Pedro.  I would order this coffee religiously, not that I am making it an icon or anything, but the flavor was rich, with a robust bitterness, then a buttery sweetness, that stayed on my tongue.  Delicious.  If you like the sound of that, here is the page that I used to order this delectable bean.

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I am currently switching things up a bit.  I still use San Pedro, but I also use Coffee Bean Direct.  They have a large menu of organic, fair trade and blends.  I believe they have some beans too, if that is your jam.  I have tried the Organic Fair Trade Nicaraguan SHG, Organic Bali Blue Moon, Organic Fair Trade Jamaican Blue Mountain Style and Highlander Grogg.  I am a bit of penny pincher, so I usually try small quantities, then order my favorites in bulk.  My favorite of those were the Organic Fair Trade Nicaraguan and the Highlander Grogg.  I even like to mix those two.  I prefer my coffee to be heavy, full flavored, but not too much bitterness.  The more bitter, the sugar I have to use,  and I prefer not to use too much sugar and ruin my coffee flavor.  The Nicaraguan is deep and rich, with about medium bitterness.  The smell is amazing, which is half of the experience, I think.  Then there is the Highlander Grogg.  Just the name reminds me of one of those hunky men from the movie or series, Highlander.  Do you remember them?  They were immortal.  I never got into it, but I just remember their long hair and warrior abilities.  That’s it.  Anyway, mix that with a full stout/whiskey and you have this lovely mix of yumminess.  This coffee makes my heart pitter patter.  You know that coffee that you shut your eyes, hold the cup under your nose, and take a deep breath in before you allow that golden brown liquid to hit your tongue?!  Delicious.  Now if that is more your style or you want to experience different beans without breaking budgets, you can use this link.

Coffee Direct

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I would have loved to have this information as I was becoming more interested in this coffee paradise.  I hope this provides you with some pointers that have helped me to grow and love these yummy beans (fruit!).

Sip your coffee wisely.


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