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Changing Your Name Into A Symbol: The Pro’s

What really happens when we change our name into a symbol?

In convo this morning, with my guy, I told him the girls pooped, but the boy did not.  He then says in a reprimanding voice…. DIVOTTTTT.   And, not sure where this came from, I said, “Divot has decided that he is changing his name into a symbol, so try to yell at him now.”

Sometimes I wonder how I make it through the day with these silly thoughts of mine.

Seriously though.  How would you yell for someone if they had a symbol instead of a name?  I never really gave this much thought when Prince did it.  But now I am thinking there may be some advantages to this whole thing.

How would your parents yell for you to come home when you are out playing?

You know when you mom gets mad and calls you by both your first and middle name?  Yeah…. that wouldn’t happen.

We would almost have to emoji thought bubbles over our heads to be able to communicate.  Hmmm…..

Think on that one 😉


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