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Embrace Your Silly

You know when you are listening to someone, but no matter how hard you try, you just can’t follow what they are talking about?  Then, BAM!, you think you have it down, so  you start talking and agreeing about this huge issue with dogs eating expensive poop?!

black and white dalmatian dog eating fruits
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Well….. that is how my conversation with my son went.  I went into the whole…. you people in the big city must feed your dogs some expensive food, if you dogs are searching out the expensive poo and eating it!  The discussion went on….. until….

Soon my son laughs… he’s like… Maaaam….. I meant eating expensive crap, like items… you know…… dining room buffet’s and cabinets?!  Yep… he is referring to my newest pup, who has strategically eaten pieces of my sectional, my buffet and trim.

Wow!  That’s just great.  This one time I thought we were connecting…. I knew him… he knew me… and the convo was flowing….. and then came to a screaming halt. (screeeeecccchhhhh!)  Mama is a goof.  A superior dorko.

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But on a good note here, I got some great ammo for my blog.  I absolutely loathe sharing my stupid stories, but this one I just had to share.  😉


Moral of this silly story???  Don’t act like you know what you are talking about, even if you are really really sure that you do, because you probably don’t.

The End.

I love my kids!  To Infinity & BeeYond!  🙂

Love life and embrace your silly moments.



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