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Captivated by this Beauty

Write about me, she said.  Hmm.  I’m just kidding…. you don’t have to write about me, she said.   This girl has me captivated.  This little girl has me wrapped around her finger.  I often look at her and see myself, then realize she is so much more.  I remember the day she came into my life.  The joy.  The relief.  Finally, this baby, who has been growing inside me… kicking inside me… becoming a human inside me……… Is here… looking at me……. with wonder…. with amazement.

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Well, baby girl… I looked at you the exact same way.  I would touch your sweet, pink face, and you would coo and blink, with these big blue eyes… looking at me… with amazement.  Oh baby,  just when I think my life is shining bright, here comes your brother to see his little sister.  He looks at you…. then looks up at me… his eyes so bright and big…. in amazement… He asks.. is this Ashwee?  His big eyes blinking up at me.  My eyes fill with water at the love in his expression for you.  I shake my head yes.  Your brother climbs up on my bed and is just amazed at you.  You beautiful little girl.  I can see he is dreaming of the fun you will have….. how he wont let anything hurt you…. And he will never let anyone hurt you.  I can see it in his eyes.  The love.

Years later, we talk on the phone.  I wish I could reach through the phone and touch your sweet face baby girl.  To hear you smile in your words are priceless to me.  To hear you talk about your day and laugh at my silliness.  You know that I am silly just so I can hear your laugh….. to see that smile…. to see your eyes fill with joy…. I love that look on you.  I wish to see it every day.  I treasure each time we talk…. each time we see each other… each memory I hold dear.. for as long as I can.

I don’t see your faults…. I see your strengths and what it took to gain them..

I don’t see your failures.. I see your accomplishments and the mountains you climbed to achieve them..

I see your journey, as your story….. the story of my beautiful little girl, with a big heart, who gives, so much more than she receives..

I love you sweet pea… more than you can fathom.

Write about me, she said…… Any time baby girl….. any time……..


Treasure those who are in your life.  They need your love as much as you need theirs.




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