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Rope, Injuries & Trying New Things

Trying new things does not always mean something that will hurt you.  Today I tried a couple of new things.  Both were pretty cool.  One was a little more aggravating than the other, but all in all, it was tolerable.  There was nobody injured and no rope was used. 😉

What was used was a crystal ball.  I saw some amazing pics with these lovely balls and thought I would give it a whirl.  My daughter immediately sent me pictures that she wanted, once I learned how to use it.  Her requests would take me to a beautiful beach, either sunrise or sunset.

Filters was the other new thing that I worked with.  That was the one that was slightly stressful.  It involved me cussing a little, but I was able to try some pretty cool techniques.  Best of all… I have a new and amazing image.

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