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Impacting & Empowering: Improving the World, One Person at a Time

We are all impacted on the daily.  Impacted by the people around us, the weather changes in our environment, the Presidential actions and so much more.  How we are impacted and what we do determines how we change the world.

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Pretty deep, huh?  Well, it is so true.  At least from my perspective, which I have decided to share with you today.  We make decisions based on what has impacted us.  Example, you may see a tweet from a political source, which deeply disturbs you.  You then decide to respond in a negative manner, by retweeting or discussing those within your social circle.

Now, think about how you respond or are affected, by such discussions, when other people in your social circle share equally negative material.

Please understand, I know that we have the right to voice our opinions, but I just wish that we evaluate how we are doing it.  To think about how we are affecting the ones we are voicing our opinions to.

Would you agree that negativity increases your stress levels?  I know it does for me.  When I hear something negative, I get mad, and let me tell you, this little Italian, can get worked up, especially if it involves treating others poorly, bullying and lying.  I can feel it impact my body.  My chest swells.  I can feel my shoulders tighten.  My head starts to throb a little.  I do not change into the Hulk, but wow…. it gets pretty close.

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Why do I allow this?  Well, I have decided to not allow it.  At least, I choose not to react to it…… as much.

Think about how this negativity influences people and yourself, then examine how we could impact others and their reactions, just by changing that communication.  How do you think you would react to positive images and comments throughout your day?  I would absolutely love it.  Not only do you reap the benefits when receiving, but as humans and social butterflies, we want to talk about it.  From there, it turns into a cycle.  I receive positive info and then pass on positive info to others.  Those people receive the positive that I gave them, then pass it on others.  You can figure out what happens from there.

How do we get this started?  Well, I think just like anything else that we set our mind to…. You… Us.

I decide that I will not react to the negative.  I will see the positive.  I will pass the positive on and start influencing others.


Empower your social circle and influence them with positive.  The impact of your actions is not isolated.  You and I can change the world.  Lets pave the way.  Be positive.


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