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Puppy Love…

Are you an animal person?  Or maybe you are a spider person.  Not feeling that?  I have had pups since I can remember.  Do you remember your first pet?  Of course you do.  My first pet had puppies left and right.  It was a blast.  I remember running from the kitchen to the living room and then throwing myself onto the floor, with my face hid by my arms.  The puppies would chase me then try to get to my face, under my arms.  They would lick and nip me until I thought I would die from laughter and happiness.  I am currently sitting at my computer with this stupid love-struck smirk just thinking about it.

As the love story goes, I have always had a pup since then.  My kiddos had puppies as often as I could make it happen.  Since the kids have flown the nest, we are a puppy paradise.  Really, our pups run the show.  We are puppy-whipped.  If that is a thing.  They are the babies.  They get whatever we think they want.  Its silly really.

black and brown yorkie laying on bed with brown towel
Photo by Abby Kihano on

Divot is our oldest and is 22 lbs of the sweetest Schnoodleness you have ever seen.  Cute as hell.  Bad breath though.  He is also diabetic and has to get insulin shots twice a day, plus he has had seizures since his brother Maxx died.  He is on medicine for those too.  He is the orneriest little man that you may ever meet.  This turkey is a fire cracker.  In his prime, this monkey would jump onto the dining table and grab up whole chickens, then take it to the couch and dive right in.  Now he enjoys laying spread eagle on the ceramic tile and licking his sisters ears.  “Mmmm… Ear Wax.”


Layla who was once our grand-dog but after a really awesome guilt trip, plus her cute little face, she quickly became our child-dog, who immediately began tearing up our carpet, bras, underwear and shoes.  That girl loved her some slippers.  It was her drug.  She probably went through 10 pairs.  We called her “Sate-on”.  It sounded better than Satan, at least while I was adding her picture to every slide show and presentation I gave, to get rid of her ass.  LOL!  But there was no way I could get rid of her.  She quickly licked her way into our hearts and turned us into mush.  She has perfected the sad eyes.  Truly…. this girl looks so freaking sad, that you can’t help but bend down and give her some loving.


Needless to say, she is actually the good one now.  Especially since we acquired Daisy.  Oh what a sweet and deceiving name this little booger has.  We met Daze at a pet store, where she was wearing this collar with sweet little flowers on it.  The person who held her leash told us how she was found with pellets embedded in her skin and they could tell she was badly abused.  And it was evident.  She had scars and she cowered if you looked at her.  Pretty sad for a 6 month old.  Anyway, within about 30 seconds of the story, I was on my knees loving on her.  Her face is so soft.  She is what we call a “Hot Mix.”  German Sheppard and Sharpei.  We like to call her a Sharpee.  Daisy has an alter ego that we call Dave.  She is something else.  She does this thing where she sits on the couch or chair, like a human, and pushes her chin into her neck and looks at you as if she was judging you.  My husband thinks she looks like a Cylon.  Remember Battlestar Galactica?  Yep… that’s it.


We love our pups to the point of silliness.  But, we can’t help it.  I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Puppy love is so much more than a childhood fantasy.


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