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Planning for Success: Step 2

Success.  Winning.  We say we want it, but some times we stack the deck against ourselves.  I am not an expert on success, but I am quite good at analyzing all of my failures.  Upon review, and there are quite a few, I found that most times I created my own failure.  Not that I was trying to fail, but when I create goals that are not aligned with my plan, or when I set unobtainable goals, I am increasing my risk of failure.  Let me tell you about failure with Susan.  It sucks.  I kick myself, then I make sure to tell everyone, so they too can kick me.  If we all want to be the best we can be and try to succeed, we cannot be our own barrier to get there.

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I need to make sure that I create obtainable goals and realistic timelines.  My fitness goal is to get in shape to feel better, by the time we go on vacation.  I really want to be able to hike and bike, everywhere that I want to go, without feeling bad.  I also want to look better.  Don’t you hate it when you pull out a picture of yourself when you thought you were fat, and realize you were no fat at all!  Boo!  I want to look good too.  But, it is not my main goal.

So a recap:

Step 1: Prioritize your goals.  If you do not find value in what you are doing, you probably wont keep it up.  So you better scratch those goals and choose something else.

Step 2: Define your goals with obtainable parameters.  For example, an unobtainable weight loss goal for me is to lose 50 pounds in 90 days.  With a parameter like that, I will fail in the first week.

If I can complete these two steps correctly, it puts me in a better place to be successful.  I hope these steps will help you as much as they help me.

Keep it real and improve your success rate!




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