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Planning for Success: Step 1

We all want to be successful.  Right?!  Heck yeah! 

The best laid plan will give you a better probability of success.  Just ask someone who gambles.  It is all about planning the right ratio of odds/probability and/or risk.  High risk can lead to large gains, but it can also lead to large loss.


You can use these steps in planning for anything you do, from weight loss, good grades, completing a project, paying off your mortgage, or planning to retire!

Oh yeah… doesn’t that sound nice!  Mortgage free, bill free and retired. 

I read many articles on how to improve your success.  Another part of success is determining the value of your project.  What I am saying is, for example, I want to pay off my mortgage.  To create a successful plan, I need to figure out how valuable this goal is to me.  If I place this on high value, I would want it so bad, I could taste it!  If it did not really matter to me, I would assign it low value.  This is a no-brainer here!  If we don’t care about something, we do NOT pay attention to it.

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If we fail to give something enough attention, what is the probability of failure?  Yeah… I know… it’s not good.

So, don’t set a goal that you could care less about.  That will be the first step in failing.

We stated in the first sentence…… We all want to be successful!

Make sure your goal is of high value to you.


We will discuss the next step on my next blog.

Please share any bad goals that led to success failure in the comments.

Keep our goals lofty, but within reason. 🙂


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