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To Travel, or Not To Travel….. Is that really a question?????

For me, travel is the *hit.  I love it.  I love it with green eggs and ham.  Right now, there is no travel coming anytime soon.  So, instead of actual travelling, how about a little dreaming?  I have talked about how I find relaxation and taking pictures is one of them. Where are you thinking of travelling?  Do you have a place that you love to go?  Some place that you can be you and do what you want?


I enjoy RV’ing.  We started last year and I find it the bees-knees.  The moment we are touch down and start hooking up, I feel the tension express from my pores.  I feel my chest relax and expand.  Great feeling, it is.


As I am dreaming today, I am getting a little pirate of the seas and working these pictures into an interesting piece of art itself.  Pulling the lights and darks, while applying some transparency, really did it for these images.


Embrace your inner pirate and create some fun with your wild side. 


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