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The World You Say……

My husband wants to read about what is going on in the world.  So, I googled that exact question.  Internally and externally I rolled my eyes when he said that.  Most of what I hear is death, killing, terror, money.  Is that what you want to hear about after a busy day?  Truth here is…. I don’t.


So, upon googling this lovely question, from my audience member in the front row, I found a cool article.  I am not sure if it is real or not, but catch this…  a toddler who had suffered brain damage from a near drowning has shown regrowth of brain tissue using hyperbaric oxygen therapy (May, 2017).  Though the article is close to a year old, I am so happy for this family and this little girl.

Think about this, if oxygen can do all of this, for a child, just think how humans could flourish under the right conditions.  Our bodies are so amazing.  Simply amazing.  Another lesson to learn from today is that reading about the world news is perfectly okay to do.  Just keep it real and even out the input you receive.  I am going to hope that this little girl has recovered and is living life to the fullest.


For all of you, I wish you great happiness in finding news that can heal.


May, A.  (2017).  Toddler’s brain damage reversed by treatment after near drowning.  USA Today.  Retrieved from:



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