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Valuation and Media

Do you ever have those days when you just can’t focus?  Days when you stare at your computer’s blank page and nothing is coming to you?  Until my coffee kicks in, it can be very difficult for me to push through.  That is why we have pictures! 🙂  That is why Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, Facebook and other social applications are so popular.  We can communicate with more people through images than we can by calling or connecting to all of the people that we could just by face to face interactions.


An image can say a thousand words.  I know many of you have been touched by an image or movie.  I believe the reason is because of the individuals past experience and what they place value on, valuation.



For me, value is in experiences, knowledge and social interactions.  When I see the image above, I see deep contemplation about this wonderful world we are allowed to live in.  I see peace, strength and defeat.  All… from just one picture.


Embrace what makes you, you.  Find value in things that have no price.


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