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Keep It Up!

Keeping it up can be difficult for some.  Hey now… I am talking about your spirit!  I worked on some pictures last night and some of the images caught my breath.  Yes.. I am weird like that.  This was taken at William & Mary College last year.  It was an outdoor hall.  I was taken back by the beauty of the architecture and plaster work.  The yellows and reds that pulled were warm and inviting, but the shadows made it feel a little edgy.


Now… this is one of those images that makes me purr a little.  I love the pixelation of the sun and the glare of the roles and mast.  I find it intriguing.  Then the bland pull of the ocean, rocks and sky give it an eerie cast.


This little lady was a courtyard surrounding a labyrinth.  It was taken during the day, but as my mind usually does, it moves towards the darkness and how I could change the contrast, clarity and shadows.  When I walked into this courtyard, I felt like I was in a fairy tale.


The point here is that I was able to find normal boring things intriguing and unique…. So.. are they really normal? or boring?  Think about that!

Keep your spirit up, even in when it seems bad.  Great things can happen when you least expect it!


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