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Check Yourself

I like that title!  I will use that phrase when messing with my man.  It is usually preceded with a “you better.”  Also used when I ask him if would like to step outside.


Anyway… that is not what I am talking about today.  I was contemplating how we are constantly spread pretty thin, in our day to day routines.  Some times it feels like we are coming and going.  Meeting the demands of our spouse, parents, children, work, bills, school, and society, can leave little time for us to spend on nurturing ourselves.

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The demands will not go away.  So, we have to find a balance, so that we are meeting our needs.  You all remember the hierarchy of needs?  If you remember it was a pyramid of needs that must be met, for us to survive.  If one need is not met, we could not move on to the next level.  This is where “check yourself” comes in.


We all need to check ourselves every day, to make sure that we are meeting our needs.  With proper attention to this, we can adjust our schedules or time we wake up, to allow for proper nutrition, rest, exercise and intake.  If you are a caregiver to your family, friends, or part of your work, you must take care of yourself, to give proper attention to the ones you are caring for.  If you are a student, same rule applies.  Moving from home and high school, to another town and attending a University, is a huge change!  There are so many stress’s that must bat down every day.  Yes, I always think of annihilating those “stressors” as it coming up to the volley ball net, getting ready to start its descent, and bam!!!!!! I smack that ball, with a firm spike of my hand.  Kicking a soccer ball also fits.


Make time for yourself so that you can forge on.


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