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Travel and Wine

I mean who wants to travel without wine at the end of your long, hard journey?!  I enjoy wine.  I had some friends who owned a wine bar and could not think of a neater thing to do.  Well, besides writing about it.  Or playing drums at the bar for a few of my close friends.  Those friends have now sold their business and took off out west.  I miss them.  Maybe we will trip out there next year.

farm land during sunset
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We have this map which you can see here and we have different colors of pins to signify where we want to go and where we have been.  These gold pins signify that trip that started our RV journey.  Little story…. one day we decided that we should rent an RV and drive to the mountains in Colorado.  That doesn’t sound like a bad idea until you see the RV’s we stopped and looked at.  First thing, it was going to cost us a minimum of $2500 for the time we were planning on being gone…. Go to Hockey sticks!  Then when we looked through the RV’s this place, which will remain unnamed, had in stock.  Lets just say that I felt I had to take a decontamination shower immediately.  Ewww.  Please don’t let this story deter you.  Since then I have seen numerous other places that offer renter RV’s that are very nice and at a good price.  My moto is everything happens just the way it is supposed to happen.  I feel strongly that God will place things strategically for a reason.  Hence, our trip to Midwest RV in Arnold, MO.  The day we met our RV salesman.  What a good guy.  Anyway, we walked out with an RV, had to buy a new truck to tow it, then took a trip to Colorado, all within about 3 weeks.

The kids wanted to know if were having a midlife crisis.  I just laughed!  I mean, hell yes I am having a crisis.  I am 45 and had not been out west.  What kind of person does that!!!!  So the moral of this story is to be as cray cray as you want, because when it comes down to it, you need to enjoy life.  You never know how long you are going to be here, so even if you don’t have money to travel far, find things near you that can make you feel….. everything.

May your days and nights make your spirit soar


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