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How is Your Glass?

People are always talking about glass half full or half empty.  It is a metaphor, you know.  How you view a glass of fluid, should help us understand how you view life?!  I used to think… blah… blah.. blah…  But, the more I think about it, the more I really believe it.

During a shoot of a beautiful covered bridge in town, I was alone, it was cold, and I was a little skeptical of walking around by myself.  It is secluded you see.  Picture me walking up to this bridge, the closer I was, the slower my approach.  The view here, is exactly how I saw the inside of this beautiful bridge.  It was dark, cold and scary.  But then, I looked past the bridge.  That is when I saw this gorgeous field and a forest beyond that.


So, I started walking into the bridge and really looking around.  This bridge wasn’t scary at all!  The architecture was beautiful for its time period.  When I got to the other side, there was more beauty for me to see.

When I took that last step out of the bridge, I could enjoy the scene before me.  I looked around a bit, then looked to the right.  The picture below is what was before me.  The way this creek has forged its way through the land.  The chill of the day is reflected in the frozen patches of the water.

icing creek

The point of this story, is that we should not get caught up in the moment before before us.  It may seem like an overwhelming task, but many times, we keep going and when looking back, we realize that it was not bad at all.  The other thing is…. look what I would have missed, if I wouldn’t have got past my fears and walked through the bridge.  It was worth it.  In fact, it gave me inspiration to keep pushing past my comfort zones, because there is so much to enjoy when we do just that!

Going back to the glass analogy.  I know some people that work with me on the regular think it’s ridiculous that I am always finding the positives in situations.  They may also think I am making light of issues.  But the reality is, if I let every negative thing that occurs get to me, I would, like anyone would, not be able to get past it.  So, the thing I want to do is to remain positive, write down those areas of concern to work on later, and then keep trudging on.  Ninety five percent of the time, my glass is half full.  A few people have seen the glass half empty side.


The thing is, if I were to present, on the daily, as negative, all of the people around me would notice that.  Over time, my negativity would become infectious and infiltrate.

You are not too weak!  You are not too small!  You are not too sick!  You are not too old or too young!  Our God knows that we are just right!  Finding that belief and strength in yourself, can throttle you into new and better things.

May your fears give you strength in knowing you can push past the glass metaphor.




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