Good day!  Today I would like to talk about random.  I have attached what I call “Random” pictures.  But now that I am looking at them…. why am I calling them random?

Random sounds derogatory.  Maybe I should look at random as special… or extraordinary.

The picture below was taken at Mizzou.  For any of you alum…. M-I-Z   Z-O-U!  As many university campus, Mizzou is not different in the outstanding architecture.

IMG_2911 (1)

I absolutely love this next image.  I taking pictures of waves and dolphins on this particular day.  Then someone started surfing.  As they were waiting for that perfect wave, they were enjoying the site of the dolphins swimming about.  I feel like there is great contemplation here….. or even a sense of one with nature.


Now this image is just as spectacular! I was touring a fairly large sail boat and I was overwhelmed with the enormity of it all.  I took a deep breath in and looked up, when I saw this beautiful view of this structure.  The mast is seen as a dominating, strong, leader.


It is an amazing ability to find the remarkable in the randoms.


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