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Yesterday as the rain was approaching, I decided to try to salvage some of my Colorado pictures that were taken by my phone.  I have a few to share with you.  I was a little miffed because Colorado was amazing!!  But my pictures were horrible.  At least compared to my memory of it.  So I worked with a little b/w and just got a little deep with a couple of them.


This was taken towards the top of the Grand Mesa, near Grand Junction, CO.  It was 78 degrees at the bottom and it was 39 degrees at this point.  We went up a little further, that is until a sign read “danger… high winds.”  This was the point where I was turning a tight corner and all I could see around the bend was open sky.  I will admit that I freaked out a bit.  My lovely husband took over the driving and we went back down the mountain.


The hub and I decided that we would leave the confines of the KOA in Grand Junction and head to a State Park.  Remember that this was like the 3rd time we had even camped.  Crazy is what we were.  As the story goes, we arrived and I was amazed at the view.  There was mountains in every direction we looked.  We also had the view of the Colorado River running through the park.  Aces.

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We did some trailing at another State Park in Grand Junction.  There were a gazillion trails for all levels.

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Some were a little exciting.  You know water, rock slides and steep drop offs.  This one was one drop off after another.  It was gorgeous.  I had to keep myself in check to stay on the trail.

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I think this may have been Hell’s Kitchen, but I am not sure.  We walked forever along a partially dried creek and ended up here.  We ended up climbing up the right side and found the coolest structures.


I hope its not just me, but the rock on the right is a face… yes?  Hell, half the time we weren’t sure if we were on the path or not.  Thank God for a great trail app called, All Trails.  It allowed me to see others in the area, take photos along the way and use GPS on the map while trailing.

I hope that you all are blessed with seeing the good in the things around you.


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