What Art Does For Me

My mind is a constant cycle of what needs to be done, what is in process, who is processing them, what is the next step, how can I do it better, and what is my next project.  It really never stops.  My mom died when I was 15 and it dramatically affected my psycho-social behavior.  You know… the typical pulling away from social circles and finding something else to focus on.  So, I did just that!  In doing so, I was able to aim my focus on work, skills, dance and music.  These venues allowed me to grow in a positive manner.


Luckily, these series of events in my life took me into healthcare.  I am pretty sure that I have some type of attention deficit disorder, as many of my family and friends have told me, time and time again.  I am also an “all in” type of person, who is slightly OCD (don’t laugh Kristi) and type A personality.  How in the world I have developed a knack for art, I really have no idea.  My sister tells me that my father was a closet artist and would draw the most bizarre pictures.  So, maybe it was my dad, maybe it was just the time when my buddies made me do a paint night, that sparked my passion.  I really am not sure, and really don’t care.  What I do care about is that I totally disconnect when I am immersed in art.  Whether it is music, drawing, drumming, photos or writing, I can be “disconnected” for hours and not even realize it.


So, long story longer, I love getting out of my head.  It takes me away from all of my responsibilities, worries and concerns.

At that moment when I am taking pictures or drawing, I am me.

I am conceptualizing what is beyond the image in front of me.


I hope that all of you have a way to disconnect.  Having a release valve not only helps me, but also assists everyone around me.  Just ask my husband.  He says thumbs up!

Let your love of life be projected in things you do.




  1. I really like your drawing and I have to say that the amount of words in combinations with the amount of images is perfect! Normally I give more feedback, but what can you do when sth. is so fabulous😉😍🌷!

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