Perception.  That is a tricky bastard.  For almost everyone, perception is reality.  Do you know what I am talking about?  Of course you do.  Have you ever known someone in a relationship who thought there was a transgression by their partner?  Most people cannot get past their head and perception to look for the truth.  Basically, if they believe it is the truth, then to them it is the truth.


Recently I published a blog about how words can impact others.  Those words, if they are false, can change the worlds perception of your subject.  For example, I could have the worst smelling feet.  Yet I told everyone that my feet smelled like the most amazing beach that I have ever been to.  Believe it or not, the perception will change regarding my feet.  Okay.  So that was a good example.  But go back to the person who thought that their partner had cheated.  More than likely this person has been thinking about this situation for quite a while.  Basically has trained their mind to believe this was the case.  To them, it is true.  Even if it is not, or has no basis.  I am not saying that partners do not cheat, but this was just an example that can hit close to home, with strong emotions.


yellowed mask

Now, lets think about not only words, because we know that our body language and who we are with, represent much of the perception.  So, if I held my head high and shoulders back then every where I went, this was my body resting style, what would the public think?  I am super confident, maybe even snooty?!  While, in reality, I am super quiet and an introvert (Not really…. again… just an example).

The point of this blog is to remind people that perception is reality, even if it isn’t.  This is important to know, because if you want the perception of your business, yourself, or even the world and faith in humanity, to be positive, we must help the consumption of perception by assuring that how we are representing things like, your business, yourself, or even the world and faith in humanity, are positive or in the light we want them represented.


Be Yourself and Have Faith that YOU are Enough…. because YOU are Enough.


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