One Should Think Prior to Engaging in Conversation

If I could do one thing to improve communication, I would find a way to explain the impact of ones words.

I remember my grandma telling “That is ugly Susan!”  I never really understood at the time, but she said that when someone talked hatefully.  She explained that someone could appear to be beautiful to your eyes, but until they open their mouth, you never know how beautiful or ugly they are.  Oh how I have understood that as I have grown in age.  I would say nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is more disgusting and a turn off, as when someone speaks and says horrible things.  I am Italian, per my father, and it comes out in my attitude.  So trust me when I tell you that I can “ugly.”

I have seen people become broken from other peoples words.  I have been broken.  I am sure that you have been broken also.  Ones words can have such an impact.  Words can EMPOWER, sadden, or destroy.

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I choose to EMPOWER.  I choose to improve my surroundsAnd I choose to make better decisions.  


If no one moves forward toward peace, people will not know how to follow you to peace.  Sometimes people get lost and need to see someone else do something good, to remember.  Trust me.  I have forgotten a time or two.  But, then somebody did something good and I stopped to listen, instead of speaking.

One of my strongest powers is to be quiet.  It is pretty neat actually…… when you are with someone and you offer a moment of silence…. the other person will just start talking.  Silence can make people uncomfortable.  But as you have read, silence can also empower those who need to speak up, a moment for it to happen.  It can give someone a moment to gain control of their emotions.  It can provide a second to watch visual ques.

What will you do this week?  Listen and hold your thoughts inside, while you think about it?

I choose to use my words carefully this week.

I hope you empower one person this week. Just think what one good word could do.


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