It’s Not Me, It’s You

As I enter the new year, one thing is for certain.  I take the blame when it is not my fault.  Does anyone else do this?  Now in my work life, I am a leader, and I take full responsibility for my staff.  But in my personal life, I tend to let that sift over.  So, new year, new me!  My husband loves when I say this….. I am drawing a line in the sand and this is it!  This is usually never followed with anything, but I am just making a statement.

So, with the new me this year, I decided I would trek out in this frigid weather and try to capture some images.  It was late afternoon and gorgeous, but as an amateur, I forgot to change my image collection from raw due to the level of the sun.  Fierce, it was.  And yes, I often Yoda.  🙂  Here are a few of the items I found yesterday.  I have a thing for the bridges, as you can see.  I often label them bridge porn.  I am not sure if it is architecture of them, or what, but I am a fan!

whiter brdgebridge porncrusty riverfoggedicing creek

May your second day of the year be everything you know it can!


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