Nature is Close… No matter where you are.

Whether my trip is out the front door, to the beach or the mountains, I can find nature anywhere.  Yes, even when in the city.  I promise you that I will take a trip to the city soon and show you what I can find.  St. Louis is right around the corner, so maybe tomorrow I can yank my hubby out for a drive.

As you look at this set of pictures, that were taken at a few different lakes around our home and in Nashville, I want you to think about what is happening when you see them.  Take yourself to this place, in my picture, and share with me what is happening.  For me, the dark leaves brings me to a time of rebirth.  Looking at the tattered, shriveling edges, I know that these leaves are finishing their life.  But the great thing here is that in a few short months, they will regrow and get to embark on this life all over again!  Yes, I am a romantic, but also a realist.

The seeded flower in front of the sunset, is where I lay and stare at the sky, as I dream my day away.  When I realize that I have been laying most of the day, I roll over to look at the sunset, but I get a glimpse of this flowers, catching the light.  That is my dream of that picture.  I could write all day about what each picture evokes in me.

Please comment what your story is with these pictures.  Lets have fun!

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