Finding Magic in Every Day Things

I try to let inspiration hit me.  But sometimes I can just grab my camera and walk around my house and neighborhood and find some interesting scenes.  Today I took close to 100 pictures, most I did not use, but look at some of this!!

I shot the plane on my kitchen counter facing my sliding glass door.  The Mardi Gras mask sits on a shelf in my dining room because it reminds me of a magical trip we took to New Orleans.  The pearls are old and tattered, but setting them on a kitchen stool, adjusting clarity, masking, and then inverting the image, really draws the eye.  Finally the glass lantern is so cute!  I was also able to take some map pictures that look too cool.  I will add those later tonight.

I hope that after reading what I use and how I find my inspiration, maybe you too can find something that inspires you and eases you into relaxation.

Blessed Wishes as We Finish the End of an Epic Year!


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