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Words and music transform into images.  This is how I see many things.  This image was taken near Asheville, North Carolina.  There were blue skies, a nice breeze and all of the foliage was green, just on the brink of turning yellow.  My husband and I were making our way up the mountain and I was trying to capture the scene in front of me.  All of the mountain tops placed perfectly in front of a gorgeous sky backdrop.  But, I was so frustrated that my eyes were seeing one thing and when I looked at the image on my camera, it was not represented as such.  I am sure that many have this feeling when taking photographs, but it really left me down.  I talked my husband into getting this Nikon after a trip to Colorado, where I took all of our pictures from my phone.  That was tragic….. really it was.  It was our first time there and I saw the most amazing things.  But, when I ordered my pictures, including a panoramic canvas, oh boy, was I let down.  Everything was pixelated and under-whelming.

So, picture me looking at the scene, then looking at the image displayed on my camera and thinking I just spent a ton of money on the same image.  (Bad words to follow)  So, I pulled my big girl panties up and kept shooting.  Then a lovely friend introduced me to Adobe Lightroom.  This was a fabulous find!  I could transform my images into what my mind saw initially.  You will see some under and over developed pictures, along with some that are grainy.  This is very purposeful.  I have tons of pictures that I have trashed, not because they are awful, but because they were not what I initially saw.

So, in this image, though it was an amazing day, I knew there was a way to capture a different view of the mountains, that was just as breathtaking as the original.  I feel I created a dark take on this beautiful scene that laid before me.  You should try taking pictures and adjusting the exposure, light and work with different filters.

May your day be exactly what you make it.


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